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The rise of one-million-dollar, one-person businesses in the past five years is the biggest trend in employment today, offering the widest range of people the most ways to earn a living while having the lifestyles they want.


Many entrepreneurs assume that the key to business success is scalability. The more people you hire and the more hours you work, the more money you’ll earn and the bigger you’ll get. But that’s not necessarily true, as you will see below.


Allen Walton built his online spy camera store, Spy Guy, to $1 million in revenue its first year before hiring three employees,


Cory Binsfield started out investing in duplex apartments in Duluth, Minn., and now owns 116 units, bringing in more than $1 million in annual revenue from them.


Brian Dean created an online course to teach clients how to master search engine optimization was able to hit $1 million in revenue in his solo business.


Harry Ein started his company out of his three-car garage, printing “swag” or promotional giveaway gifts. Now his Walnut Creek, California-based business Perfection Promo brings in $3.5-$4 million a year.


Sol Orwell, a Toronto resident whose business,, sells eBooks on nutritional supplements, bringing in seven-figure revenue.


Laszlo Nadler, a father of two from New Jersey brings in more than $2 million per year in revenue at Tools4Widsom, a one-person business where he sells planners.


Katherine Krug manufacture BetterBack, a posture-support device she created after developing sciatica during long hours at her computer.  in her first 365 days of business, Krug brought in $3 million in revenue. 


Rebecca Krones and her husband Luis Zevallos, who run Tropical Traders Specialty Foods, a business in Oakland, Calif., that has broken $1 million selling organic honey through their website and various channels.


Scott Paladini, the founder of Bear Mattress, was able to hit $2 million in annual revenue selling mattresses online in a solo business in Hoboken, N.J.


Jeff Sadowsky, a Brooklyn dad breaks $1 million in revenue at his one-man internet store, Party Innovations, which sells items including paper cups and napkins to consumers and corporations that are throwing parties


Angie and Colin Raja, a married couple from Queens, N.Y., developed a line of colorful sporting goods aimed at women. They put their products on Amazon for sale two years ago under the brand name RIMSports, the couple built their startup to a profitable $1 million in revenue in 2016 before hiring their first employee.




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