The Power of a Squeeze Page

While designing a squeeze page, remember to provide a layout that is similar to any ads that you may be running. If a person has arrived on your squeeze page from another link, they want to be certain that they are definitely signing up for exactly what they clicked on. If your layout is inconsistent with their expectations, you will certainly drive them away.


Designing Squeeze Pages
The squeeze page should have a bulleted list of things that they are going to receive by opting in. This is your time to convince the visitor why they should give you their contact information, so you want to make it good! Here are some tips:
1. Make the headline powerful and personal. If you make the user feel like this is something that will be exclusive to them, they will be more inclined to opt-in.
2. Offer something in return for their contact information. Many companies offer some sort of free, relevant content/item that entices the user to join the list.
3. The shorter the form, the more likely a user is to opt-in. If possible, obtaining a first name and an email is all you need to be effective. DO NOT MAKE YOUR FORM LONGER THAN NECESSARY!
4. Tell them exactly what to do by providing a strong call-to-action button.
5. Ensure that the opt-in box is above the fold so that users do not have to scroll or search in order to join your list. KEEP IT SIMPLE AT ALL TIMES!


Creating a Successful Incentive Offer

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that offering some sort of free, relevant content would entice the user to give you their contact information. This is critical! Your customers need to feel like they are going to benefit from giving their personal information, so you need to be prepared to give them something in exchange for their information.

The offer you make as an incentive to sign up to your email list can make or break the success of your email marketing campaign. If your offer is a good one, you can greatly increase the number of subscribers you get. If your offer is poor, you will be wasting good traffic.


A successful incentive offer is one that offers value people would happily pay for. If you think of your incentive as nothing but a “freebie”, that is the kind of value you’re likely to deliver. Instead, try to deliver a product you believe people would pay for. When people get a high-quality product they would have paid for, they are likely to think, “If his (or her) free stuff is THIS good, imagine what the paid products must be like!”

Some people just slap up a 3-page report and expect that to be good enough. Sometimes it is. If you’re offering really valuable information that most people don’t already know, it can be more than enough. However, the average short report alone isn’t usually good enough. It’s a very good idea to offer bonuses to go along with your report in an attempt to make your offer more appealing.

Either you can reveal those bonus items on your squeeze page, or you can wait to mention them until after people subscribe. You might get more opt-ins if you mention it ahead of time, but you will get more loyalty from those who do sign up if you offer it without mentioning it.




Videos have become increasingly popular as incentive offers. Many people love video content because they find it easier to digest than reading. However, if you’re going to offer video content, be sure to offer a readable version for those who have slow internet connections or feel they can read faster than they can watch a video.

Always remember that a successful offer is about providing value people would pay for. If you do that, you will have a good opt-in rate, and you will increase the quality of the list you build.




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