50 Moment of Decision Titles

The Moment of Decision Titles can be used as-is or modified to suit your purpose.

1. Before it’s gone forever

2. Seats will be sold out anytime

3. Only limited copies available

4. Rare copies

5. Flying off the shelf

6. Selling out fast

7. This happens once in a lifetime!

8. When the counter reaches 0, this page will be gone forever

9. Your competitors will be reading this too

10. Secure your copy before time runs out

11. After that, this offer will be removed forever

12. For the next 72 hours only

13. This offer ends in 72 hours

14. For a limited time only

15. 90(stroked out) 76copies left

16. Get it now before it’s too late

17. It won’t be up for long

18. Selling fast

19. It’s now or never

20. Time waits for no man

21. Time is a factor

22. This won’t last forever

23. Don’t wait anymore

24. I don’t know if I can put this up much longer

25. Running out of time

26. This is scarce

27. Once in a blue moon

28. Never gonna happen again

29. Hard to come by

30. You’ll never see it again

31. Remember, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

32. If you don’t like what you see or if you don’t feel my package will help you _____, then I want you to request a refund.

33. When I did private consulting, my clients paid me $500 an hour to learn these secrets. And my clients often paid me over a span of 12 weeks. But here’s what’s important to you: You won’t pay $1,000, $500, $197, or even $97 to own _____!

34. Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed. Remember our Bullet-Proof, No- questions asked, 90-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

35. I am so confident that _____ will more than pay for itself, that I’m offering a 90Day, money-back guarantee.

36. I don’t care what the reason is, if you aren’t 100% excited and satisfied with the purchase of this _____, I don’t want your money! Just let me know within 90-Days and I’ll refund every penny.

37. At _____, we want you to be a happy long-term customer. We always operate honestly and openly. That’s why we _____, and we always welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

38. If within the first _____ days, you want a refund for your purchase, we will happily oblige.

39. Your opportunity is NOW and it is handed over to you on a silver platter.

40. Imagine how much opportunity and money you would lose if you do not invest now

41. What if you were to miss out on ?

42. Don’t regret your decision if you do not take action now

43. There are only copies left so it’s now or never.

44. Just imagine

45. Think about all the _____ you can get with our _____

46. Look at the big picture

47. You don’t have to say a YES or NO. Just MAYBE.

48. Don’t think. Don’t wonder. Just try us out.

49. 100% satisfaction… or your money back

50. Test drive ______ for the next 90 days after your purchase

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