Creating Magnetic Content For Your Audience

One of the biggest hassles experienced by email marketers is coming up with quality content they can use for their subscribers. Many people can’t think of anything to say, so they say nothing at all. This is one of the worst things you can do because your list will go “stale”. If they don’t hear from you in a long time, they will forget who you are, and they will forget why they joined your list in the first place.

Create the Content

After you have figured out exactly what the content of your emails will be it is time to start creating it all.

You have mere seconds to capture a prospect’s attention. One of the single most powerful tools you have to accomplish this task is your headline. There are several keys to a compelling, and selling, headline to help you get the job done.

Tap into Your Prospects’ Emotions

According to psychologists, customers buying decisions are based first on their emotions. Use headlines which offer your readers a strong emotional benefit or reaction.

So here are some headline ideas you can use in your own campaigns:

Benefit Headlines: These headlines let your subscribers know that they will be getting a specific benefit once they open and read the email.

A few examples could be:
Lose 10 pounds in 7 days…?
How you can train your puppy to stay
Discover the secrets of selling your own books online…

Other Headlines you can use are:

Problem Headlines: These headlines highlight a problem the subscribers might be going through and presume to offer a solution within the email.

How-To Headlines: These headlines tell the subscribers they are going to learn ‘how to’ do something within the email.

Direct Command Headlines: These headlines tell the subscribers to do something specific

Question Headlines: These headlines ask subscribers a question about some problems they are going through.

Offer Headlines: These headlines present a specific offer to the subscriber.

Another important part of your actual email is your call-to-action. You don’t write emails to your list just for the sake of writing emails. You also want them to take some kind of action.
So when you write a call-to-action in your email, don’t be afraid to be direct. Tell people exactly what to do. You don’t want any of your subscribers to read your email and then wonder what they are supposed to do after reading the email.

So how do you write content emails?
Basically, you write them like you would write articles.
If you have something you want to share with your readers – it might be a useful tip, some advice, a solution to a problem – then just write a short article about it.

In regards to your content, MAKE SURE THAT IT IS ALWAYS RELEVANT. If you are a person who specializes in web design, be sure to provide content related to web design. If you offer natural remedies for illnesses, make sure you are providing content that is related to natural remedies.

The bottom line is, if a person is signing up to your list, they expect you to keep your content relevant to what they signed up for. At no point in time should your content be totally unrelated to what you pitched in order to get information from the subscribers.

Make sure to always keep everything professional looking. You want to avoid making your emails cluttered. You want to try and get your message across in a quick to the point matter so that the contact does not lose interest in the message.

Successful email marketing isn’t something you can just learn once and master.
You need to test things out, track what works, then tweak your campaign to improve your results.

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