20 Tips To Capturing The Right Audience And “Being Heard” In a Noisy World

Tip #1 Choose a niche you care about.
If you don’t care about your topic, then you can’t expect anyone else to either!

Tip #2 Choose a niche that isn’t entirely oversaturated.
This might sound obvious but it’s something that a lot of people don’t consider. Creating a website that’s about health and fitness will create a massive uphill challenge for you, so why not move somewhere quieter?

Tip #3 Combine topics to invent new niches.
If you want to stand out, you need to be different. One way to do this is to create an entirely new niche by combining two popular ones!

Tip #4 Use the right images for your posts!
When people share on Facebook or other social media, they often don’t even read the post first. They thus are basing their entire decision on the title and image alone!

Tip #5 Have a persona in mind for all posts!
Think of a very specific person when writing your posts and this will help your content to be relevant to specific members of your audience. This is highly conducive to sharing.

Tip #6 Consider memes.
Stuck for an image that will get Likes and shares? You can create a Meme using many online tools and these tend to share very well!

Tip #7 Use Facebook comments.
Add Facebook comments to your blog and people can discuss your posts right on your site. They can also easily share their comments to your account!

Tip #8 And Twidget.
This adds a feed from your Twitter account to your website sidebar.

Tip #9 Use IFTTT for Automation.
IFTTT lets you link your various online apps and social accounts. This can achieve some incredibly powerful things, so look into it!

Tip #10 Outsource.
It’s important to ensure your business looks as professional as possible – so outsource the design elements etc.

Tip #11 Use Influencer Marketing.
Working alongside someone who already has a massive audience is a fantastic way to make yourself heard.

Tip #12 Be visually interesting.
Standing out with a different topic and approach is great – but for that instant interest try and make sure your site looks different too. How can you grab attention and excite your audience?

Tip #13 Think of your social media as a service.
You are providing some kind of useful service to your audience and if your site shuts down, they should miss it.

Tip #14 And your blog posts as products.
Likewise, treat your blog posts as products. Market each one as you would a product too!

Tip #15 Promote old content.
Just because it’s old, that doesn’t mean you can’t get people interested again!

Tip #16 Share what you know works.
When sharing third-party content, use a tool like BuzzSumo to find what’s popular.

Tip #17 Go where your audience is.
Know your audience and promote yourself where they’re likely to be.

Tip #18 Learn your value proposition.
What is the emotional drive behind your message and product?

Tip #19 “1,800 words” is the ideal blog post length.
This will make your post a useful resource that others are more likely to link to.

Tip #20 Be consistent.
Success doesn’t come overnight. Keep at it and you’ll get there!

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